Common Questions

Our most common questions are listed here, but we're here to help too. Just email us at or use the form below. We're a small team, but we respond quickly!


How's the water pressure?

Water pressure is obviously a top priority and it's what we spent years perfecting. Check out our 1,000+ five star reviews or watch our videos on social media to see for yourself. Plus, we offer a 30 day risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Can I turn off one of the showerheads?

Yes, Tandem comes with a valve that allows you to turn on and off either of the showerheads.

Does Tandem work with filters?

Yep! Many of our customers use filters with Tandem.

Is Tandem compatible with my shower?

Keep these requirements in mind:

  • Tandem uses tension to mount between two walls that are between 56 and 76 inches apart. (We can provide free adapters for shower spaces down to 48 inches - just email us.)
  • Your showerhead must come from overhead, directly out of a side wall, not the ceiling or back wall.

If you're not sure, just email a photo toΒ

Is the partner included?

We don't offer love bundles yet, but we can at least guarantee that your solo showers will be epic.

Can I do pull ups on Tandem?

No need to impress your partner with pull ups in the shower. Just ask how their day was instead!


What's the shipping time?

Orders going to...

  • The contiguous US with free shipping typically arrive in 3-5 business days.
  • Hawaii & Alaska typically arrive in 3-4 weeks.

We're not currently shipping outside of the US. Sign up for our mailing list to hear when we next expand!

How do I track my order?

You can track your order by logging into your account here. If you placed an order for a backordered version, feel free to email us for a progress update anytime.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for all customers in the contiguous US. Everyone outside of this region will see the shipping cost at checkout.

What's the warranty?

All Boona products come with a 12-month, worry-free guarantee. Any defective equipment & parts will be replaced, free of charge, within the warranty period. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from user error, including falls.

Can I exchange my Tandem for another color?

You can exchange your undamaged Boona products within 30 days of delivery. Exchanges must use the original packaging to avoid damage in shipping. We provide prepaid return shipping labels for customers in the contiguous US only. Exchanges are automatically processed once the return is received and inspected. Please note that exchanged products are not eligible for return.

To initiate an exchange, just send an email to

What's the return policy?

You can return your undamaged Boona products within 30 days of delivery. Returns must use the original packaging to avoid damage in shipping. We provide prepaid return shipping labels for customers in mainland US only. Refunds are issued automatically upon receipt and inspection.

To initiate a return, just send an email to


Where are the installation instructions?

You can see our install guide here.

Is there a shorter rod? My shower is too small!

Yes, we have shorter rods. Email us at with the wall-to-wall distance of your shower. If it'll help, we'll send you our shorter replacement rod.

How tightly do I need to mount Tandem?

When you are mounting Tandem between your walls, Tandem should feel very secure. You should be able to give it a tug in the middle and have confidence that the product is holding itself.

Are there any tricks for removing my existing showerhead?

If you are not able to twist off the showerhead by hand, try removing the showerhead with pliers or a wrench. If that does not work, then there may be mineral deposits that need to be loosened. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and fasten it over the showerhead and the stuck connection point. Wait several hours or overnight, then remove the bag and try removing the showerhead again.

Do I need plumber's tape at all connections?

Although plumbers tape is generally not needed at all connections, definitely add it if you notice a leak. We only specify to add plumbers tape between your shower arm and the valve because we did not design and provide your shower arm.


How can I increase the water pressure?

Here are some tips to improve your water pressure:

  • Try the high pressure setting on our showerhead. It's the most powerful.
  • Adjust the valve such that more or all of the water flow is coming out of the showerhead where you need more pressure.
  • If you're not using two of our showerheads, it's likely that your existing showerhead just isn't as good (to be honest lol). We of course recommend using both of our showerheads to optimize the performance, as we custom designed them for Tandem.
  • Lastly, you can substantially boost the water pressure by removing the flow regulators. It's very easy to do and there are tons of how-to videos on YouTube.

How can I reduce the water pressure?

If the water pressure is too intense for you, first we would suggest trying one of the other showerhead settings. Each has a unique pressure rating.

If that's still too strong for you, reach out to us and we can send you a small replacement part to help.

How do I fix a leak?

A leak is typically due to a connection point not being fully sealed off. First, disconnect everything at the leak point and check for a round rubber gasket with a hole in the middle. If the gasket is in there, then make sure it is pushed all the way in. Next, add a few layers of plumbers tape to the threads. Lastly, make sure to tighten all the connection points. (A wrench may be useful but isn't generally necessary.)

If the leak persists, just email us and we'll gladly help.

Why does my existing showerhead not work as well with Tandem?

Although most showerheads are physically compatible with Tandem, they were not designed for this use case so the experience you get can vary. This is why we generally recommend purchasing a second matching showerhead.

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