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Tandem Shower

Tandem Shower

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Whether you're showering with a partner or alone, your showers will never be the same.

  • Two heads are better than one

    Our showerheads are custom engineered to optimize your tandem experience across three different settings - high pressure, full body, and massage.

Renters and owners alike, rejoice

Tandem Shower installs easily with no tools in under 10 min. Extend to your shower length and connect to the water.

Will Tandem fit for me?

Tandem uses tension to mount between two walls. It works with most standard bathrooms with a bathtub.

  1. Your showerhead must come from overhead on a side wall, not the ceiling, back wall, nor directly from the bathtub spigot.
  2. Tandem requires a wall-to-wall distance between 57 and 76 inches.

Not sure? Just email us a photo at!

*Note, if you live outside the US and Canada, your shower needs to be compatible with a 1/2 inch NPT connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make space to soap up?

Every Tandem includes a valve that controls the flow between the two showerheads. You have total control over the distribution of water.

Can you ship to my country?

We can ship nearly anywhere in the world, but please you'll want to make sure that a US shower system is compatible with your country's system. Typically it would just require simple adapter like this one that you can get on Amazon.

What is your warranty?

Tandem includes a 1 year limited warranty covering any manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include drops or other user damage.

What is your return policy?

As a new business, we're not yet set up to offer returns once your product ships. Doing so requires us to handle receiving, inspection, refurbishment, etc. This is very costly and we're just too small right now. We invite everyone to read our customer reviews here and on social media to build confidence in the quality of our products!